Want to ditch overwhelm and master your Energy?


Guiding introvert sensitive female entrepeuneurs

to a life with more ease and inner  alignment.

Building a business as a sensitive introvert can be challenging. I know!

How to set healthy boundaries? How to balance ME time and business time?

How to stay healthy in times of launching your online programs?

How to practice business from your authentic self, from the inside out, honouring what your sensitive introvert self needs ?  


Hi, my name is Anita Kooij

I am a transformation and mindful coach. I help smart, sensitive introvert  female entrepeneurs to tap into their innate sense of ease, clarity and compassion and inner Guidance system and in the process unleash their introvert potential.

So they can shift from feeling overhelmed to inner balance and alignment and build their business from a place of joy and alignment.

In 2016 i created  a step by step  pathway to enhance the power of your attention , generate, preserve and master your energy and cultivate embodied presence and selfcompassion.


How can i help you

Practices and The way i work

  • meditation 
  • embodiment tools to ground and center
  • self inquiry to connect to who you are
  • selfcompassion practice
  • focusing (sensing body awareness)
  • inner deep listening & energy work
  • creating pleasurable healthy habits and committing to them
  • day-to-day planning from the inside out

1:1 Coaching 

  • let go of what depletes you
  • allow and embrace what brings you joy and inspiration
  • transform your inner Critic 
  • learn to work with focus and intention
  • develop your sensing and intuitive powers 
  • get true insight in your sensitive introvert nature and how to sustain yourself
  • enjoy the feminine way of building a business

How to lead a life from alignment?

It all starts with knowing your soul’s inspiration and heart’s desire.  From there you seek ways to support yourself from the inside out. Choosing selfcompassion and selfcare over perfectionism and energy depletion. Transform your inner Critic, selfsabotage and embrace your inner Mentor and  Guidance system. Connect to your femine power and honour the core of who you are. 

Honour your
inner Space

Learn to let go, set healthy boundaries and nourish your inner Being.

Center and ground 

Sink from your head into your body and stay grounded in your clarity and  deep rest.

Align Belly, Heart and 

 When you know who you are, connect  to your heart’s desire and take inspired action from there.

From goals to ease  
and  Intention

Tap into flow and the feminine way of creating. Honour the path of least resistance.


The power of 

 From striving to mindful work and TA-DA-lists. instead of To-DO’s.

Transform your inner 

 Connect to your inner Mentor and let go of limiting beliefs, selfsabotage and selfdoubt.

Honour your
outer Space

Make space for rest, renewal and inspiration.

Learn to Balance Doing and Being, Yin & Yang

 Learn to plan with ME time in the centre of your calendar and honouring the cycle of creation.

Master your 

 Learn to discern the movement of your energy and know trust the wisdom of your Body

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Are you ready to truly embrace your introvert sensitive inner Being and work in your business with ease and inspiration?

Do you want to shift from striving to reach goals to an inner attitude of ease and setting intentions?

Do you want to live a life from inner alignment and balance/

Schedule an appointment in my online calendar.

with love,


“Anita helped me to connect to who i really am and gently guided me to gain insight and clarity in what is really important to me. I am very happy to have rediscovered the deeper emotional and spiritual values that sustain my business”. 

Ivanildo Falkenstein

“Working with Anita brought me to a place where i definitely learned to listen to my body and set healthy boundaries. Now i start the day with meditation and excercises that help me connect to my body. Then i start the day with deep rest and inner space”. 

Emily Roberts

“I was looking for answers to questions like  ‘What do i really want? What is my next step? What is truly my soul’s longing? ‘Prior to our sessions the image arose that we would make a remarkable inner journey. And that Anita would take me by the hand. It went exactly like i imagined.  

Anita mirrored me, using her razor sharo intuition, and shared what she heard, saw and also what she did not see or hear.  As if i found myself standing in front of a mirror and i could see myself through her eyes.

That gave me a completely different perspective on myself.  It was like i suddenly saw and heard essential things about myself that i would have missed”. 

Frieda Boekel

May you be happy and fulfilled